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One of the really nice things about hosting this website are the photos and videos that arrive on a continuing basis from folks wanting to share them. Some are current, while others go back to the mid-1940’s. While I use some on the “Propliner News” page, not all can be used and I’ve created this page to collect and share these items with visitors to this website. I hope you enjoy them.

Washington National Airport July 1997 Open House – September 13, 2021

When Washington National Airport (now Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport) opened its new terminal in July 1997, it held an open house and invited the public to tour the new facility. Save-A-Connie (Airline History Museum) M404 N145S; Mid-Atlantic Air Museum M404 N450A; and Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation C-54E N500EJ were invited to attend and were open to the public for tours during the event. Sadly, all three aircraft will probably never fly again but they made for a great display during the event. Here are some photos I took at the open house on July 20, 1997.

Why Do Lockheed L-188 Electras Still Fly In Canada? – August 1, 2021

Alex Praglowski has produced a very nice 6:31 minute video focusing on the use of Electras and CP-140 Auroras in Canada.

C-47 'That's All Brother' Restoration - July 4, 2021

A very interesting three-part documentary about the June 1945 D-Day invasion and the story behind the restoration of C-47 ‘That’s All Brother’ by the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). The almost three-hour/three-part compilation includes the discovery of the aircraft; its restoration at Basler Turbo Conversions in Oshkosh; and its return to Normandy in 2019 to take part in the celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Propliner Potpourri - June 30, 2021

More Propliner photos from Eric Roscoe, including a wide variety of types from Europe and North America.
  • Handley Page Hermes G-ALDA Ringway, England July 1964
  • Avro York G-AGNV Staverton, England July 4, 1965
  • Bristol Britania G-ANBD Heathrow, England July 23, 1966
  • CV440 OO-SCQ Brussels, Belgium May 20, 1967
  • Vickers Viscount F-BOEC Nice, France May 26, 1967
  • Handley Page Herald I-TIVE Nice, France May 26, 1967
  • IL-18 LZ-BEK Orly, France June 2, 1967
  • F-27 I-ATIR Milan, Italy June 5, 1968
  • C-46 N9892Z Frankfurt, Germany June 11, 1968
  • Electra PH-LLC Frankfurt, Germany June 12, 1968
  • M404 N471M St. Louis, Missouri July 1975
  • CV580 N25278 Pembroke, Ontario, Canada Summer 1978
  • CV600 N94223 Mobile, Alabama August 1983
  • Vickers Vanguard PK-MVH Kemayoran, Java 1984
  • HS-748 N118CA Seattle, Washington 1984
  • DC-3 N16070 Santa Monica, California May 19, 1990
  • YS-11 N922AX South Bend, Indiana March 11, 1997
  • CV240 N882P Cavern City, Texas July 20, 1996

    American Airlines - From Flagship to Astrojet – June 21, 2021

    This episode of the "Celebrating Aviation with Mike Machat” series examines the American Airlines color scheme that remained essentially unchanged from the 1930’s on the DC-3 to the 1960’s on the first generation of jet airliners, including the B727. The 20-minute YouTube video includes rare never-before-published photos from the Craig Kodera and Jon Proctor collections.

    DC-7 Photo Collection – June 21, 2021

    And last but not least...Eric Roscoe's DC-7 photos.
  • DC-7CF SE-CCI Prestwick, Scotland December 20, 1965
  • DC-7C D-ABAK Zurich, Switzerland May 31, 1966
  • DC-7CF OY-KND Nice, France June 5, 1966
  • DC-7B SE-ERC Frankfurt, Germany May 21, 1967
  • DC-7B N836D Willow Run, Michigan August 17, 2010
  • DC-7B OY-ANA Nice, France May 29, 1967
  • DC-7C D-ABAR Nice, France May 29, 1967
  • DC-7B SE-ERB Nice, France May 29, 1967
  • DC-7C CF-PWM Prestwick, Scotland August 5, 1967
  • DC-7C D-ABAK Frankfurt, Germany June 2, 1968
  • DC-7C D-ABAD Frankfurt, Germany June 2, 1968
  • DC-7C D-ABYF Frankfurt, Germany June 2, 1968

  • DC-7C N90773 Prestwick, Scotland 1967

    DC-6 Photo Collection – June 21, 2021

    More Eric Roscoe photos...this time DC-6s.
  • DC-6B HB-IBZ Ringway, England August 1963
  • DC-6B OO-CTK Brussels, Belgium May 27, 1966
  • DC-6B OH-KDA Gatwick, England July 23, 1966
  • DC-6B TF-LLD Prestwick, Scotland July 3, 1965
  • DC-6A OO-ABE Brussels, Belgium May 20, 1967
  • DC-6B OD-AEU Frankfurt, Germany May 21, 1967
  • DC-6B F-BGSL Nice, France May 29, 1967
  • DC-6B YU-AFB Orly, France June 2, 1967
  • DC-6B HB-IBZ Gatwick, England June 18, 1967
  • DC-6A PH-MAM Prestwick, Scotland November 24, 1967
  • DC-6B HB-IBU Basle, Switzerland May 23, 1967
  • DC-6B I-DIMD Nice, France May 26, 1967
  • DC-6B I-DIME Milan, Italy June 5, 1968
  • DC-6BF I-DIMB Milan, Itay June 5, 1968
  • DC-6B N37573 Freeport, Bahamas December 1976
  • DC-6B N6586C Willow Run, Michigan March 29, 1998

    DC-4 Photo Collection – June 20, 2021

    Eric Roscoe has an amazing collection of Propliner photos and he generously shared these DC-4 and Carvair photos, most taken in the 1960s.
  • DC-4 N41341/3X-YUN Wymeswold, England May 1964
  • North Star CF-TFM Woolsington, England August 1964
  • Argonauts G-ALHY & G-ALHS Ringway, England September 1964
  • HC-54D 42-72647 Prestwick, Scotland June 13, 1965
  • R5D-1 BuNo 91996 Yeovilton, England July 3, 1965
  • DC-4 EI-AOR Rhoose, Wales August 15, 1965
  • DC-4 G-ARXJ Lasham, England October 16, 1965
  • DC-4 G-APEZ Baginton, England May 15, 1966
  • ATL-98 Carvair F-BMHV Nice, France June 5, 1966
  • DC-4 G-ASEN Manston, England June 12, 1966
  • DC-4 C-GFMQ Brantford, Ontario, Canada May 5, 1995
  • DC-4 G-ASZT Luton, England January 1, 1967
  • DC-4 F-BBDH Nice, France May 28, 1967
  • Air France Cargo Area Orly, France June 1, 1967
  • Argonaut G-ALHS Castle Donington, England March 5, 1967
  • Argonaut G-ALHY Castle Donington, England March 5, 1967
  • DC-4 EI-APK Wymswold, England March 5, 1967
  • DC-4 G-ARYY Southend, England March 18, 1967
  • DC-4 F-BBDK Orly, France June 1, 1967
  • DC-4 N90440 Frankfurt, Germany June 2, 1968
  • DC-4 EC-BMI Milan, Italy June 5, 1968
  • DC-4 D-ADAR Milan, Italy June 5, 1968
  • DC-4 D-ADAD Frankfurt, Germany June 11, 1968
  • DC-4 C-GQIA & C-117D C-GDOG Toronto, Ontario, Canada April 15, 1995
  • DC-4 C-GQIC Brantford, Ontario, Canada May 5, 1995
  • C-54E N500EJ Trenton, Ontario, Canada June 13, 1999
  • ATL-98 Carvair G-ASHZ Ostend, Belgium May 27, 1965

    Before She Was "Miss Montana" – May 3, 2021

    Before she became “Miss Montana” DC-3 N24340 was a hard working “freight dog” hauling auto parts and other cargo around the United States. I recently received the an email from Robert Killen saying that, after reading my article about the resurrection of "Miss Montana" in the January 2021 issue of Air Classics, he realized that he had photographed her when she was hauling auto parts for McNeely Air Charter back in the summer of 1998. ”The plane flew into Oxford, MS. late one afternoon to pick up a load of automotive parts. The crew loaded the parts and stated that they had to be in Detroit by the next morning. Around dusk, they took off and headed north. I took several pics of the cockpit, which the crew claimed was "upgraded." To me it looked pretty worn. The most interesting feature of the DC-3 was of a big map of the United States glued to the back of the bulkhead going into the cockpit area. "Navigation aid", they said. It was a very interesting visit with an old airplane and a young crew." Many thanks to Robert for his report and photos. The last two photos were taken at AirVenture in July 2019 and at Duxford in June 2019...what a difference! For more information about "Miss Montana" check out the April 26, 2019 report on the DC-3 page of this website.

    DC-7B Rescue – April 28, 2021

    A short but professionally produced video about the rescue of DC-7B N4887C by the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta.

    Oldies But Goodies – April 21, 2021 - Updated April 30, 2021

    Eric Roscoe dug into his collection and sent me these three interesting photos from the 1960s.
  • Breguet Deux Ponts F-BASV Nice, France - May 29, 1967
  • Lineup of retired Air France Super Connies at Orly Airport, France - June 18, 1965
  • Lineup of USAF KC-97s and C-124s at Frankfurt, Germany - May 21, 1967
  • C-124 52-0982 Frankfurt, Germany June 13, 1968
  • C-124 52-0960 Frankfurt, Germany June 11, 1968
  • C-124 51-5213 Frankfurt, Germany June 12, 1968
  • C-97G 52-2639 Frankfurt, Germany May 21, 1967
  • KC-97L 52-0232 Frankfurt, Germany May 21, 1967
  • C-97G 53-0329 Frankfurt, Germany May 21, 1967
  • Breguet Deux Ponts F-BASV Ringway, England September 1964
  • Breguet Deux Ponts F-BASO Heathrow, England May 15, 1966
  • Breguet Deux Ponts F-BASU Nice, France May 29, 1967
  • B377 4X-FPY Orly, France June 19, 1965
  • Viking G-AHPL Manston, England June 12, 1966
  • Ambassador G-ALZZ Luton, England March 12, 1966

    Willow Run Memories – April 20, 2021

    Eric Roscoe was lucky enough to experience Willow Run Airport during the late 1990’s and sent me some fascinating photos featuring and amazing array of CV640s and Electras operated by Zantop and other freight carriers. Many thanks to Eric for sharing his photos.
  • Lineup of retired Zantop DC-6, CV640 and Electra aircraft - April 5, 1998
  • Lineup of retired Zantop DC-6, CV640 and Electra aircraft - May 17, 1998
  • Lineup of Electras with N282F in forefront - May 17, 1998
  • Lineup of Electras with N282F in forefront - May 4, 1997
  • Lineup of Electras N346HA, N5512, N290F, N340HA and unidentified Electra - May 4, 1997
  • Lynden Air Cargo Electra N289F - September 14, 1997
  • Channel Express Electra N343HA - May 4, 1997
  • Channel Express Electra N343HA - September 14, 1997

    Winter in Fairbanks – April 18, 2021

    Bo-Göran Lundkvist visited Fairbanks in early March this year and photographed many of the Propliners that call Fairbanks International Airport home. While many folks visit Alaska in the summer months, Bo-Göran was there when snow was still on the ground and has allowed me to share some of his photos on this website. He also visited Chena Hot Springs and photographed DC-6A N6174C, which is mounted high above the resort on pylons. Many thanks to Bo-Göran for sharing his photos.
    Basler Aviation 1989 - March 18, 2021

    Well known Canadian aviation historian and photographer Ken Swartz visited Basler Aviation back in May 1989 when the company was just getting into the DC-3 turboprop conversion business and received a personal tour from Warren Basler. He captured an amazing collection of DC-3 photos, including Basler Airlines DC-3 freighters and two aircraft undergoing conversion. One of these was N96BF, which I photographed three years later in August 1992 at the Oshkosh airshow. Many thanks to Ken for sharing these photos.
    Ken returned to Oshkosh for the airshow in July 1989 and took these photos, which included N46938 in the hangar undergoing routine maintenance.

    HEAVY METAL -- THE BIG LEAGUE – March 3, 2021

    In March 1992, John Reed joined the crew of a Trans Air Link DC-7C on an epic 40-hour/2,200 mile cargo flight around the Caribbean. He took videos during the flight and has created three YouTube videos to preserve a bit of history from those bygone days. Here he gives a brief summary of each video…

    A three-part series of films featuring a two-day Caribbean cargo trip on the very last Douglas DC-7C in commercial service as operated by Trans-Air-Link, in March 1992. This heavy piston propliner was a key player in long-range, trans-oceanic passenger airline service in the late 1950's before the age of the jetliners. Most survivors lived out their few remaining years as converted freighters.

    Our 2,200 mile route takes us from Miami to St. Maarten (SXM), then to St. Croix (STX), St. Thomas (STT), San Juan PR (SJU), Borinquen PR (BQN) and back to Miami.

    Part One entails a detailed introduction and covers the first leg from Miami (KMIA) to St. Maarten (SXM). The first two-thirds of this leg is at night as operations start at approximately 12:45 AM.

    Part Two covers legs 2-5 from St. Maarten (SXM), to St. Croix (STX), St. Thomas (STT), San Juan PR (SJU) and Borinquen PR (BQN).

    Part Three covers the crews' dealing with major hydraulic failure at Borinquen PR and then the final flight leg back to Miami.

    This comprehensive full-audio footage is very rare, and will likely never be replicated, but we hope more such footage will surface from somewhere in the future. DC-7C's have long since disappeared from the skies.

    These films are best viewed at full-screen and with the volume cranked right up. Thanks for watching

    John A. Reed

    Green Cove Springs NP-3D – March 3, 2021

    As reported on February 18, 2020 and October 19, 2020, NP-3D has been stored at Reynolds Airpark in Green Cove Springs, Florida for a number of years. Rob Spray photographed the aircraft in 2019 and generously allowed me to post them.

    Ju-52 Air-to-Air Photos – February 27, 2021

    Jan Frieben recently forwarded me some very nice air-to-air photos of Lufthansa Ju-52 D-AQUI taken by noted Swiss aviation photographer Joe Rimensberger. As reported on February 26, 2021, it was grounded as the result of Lufthansa’s decision to end its historic aviation program. It was moved in September 2020 to the Quax Flying Club display hangar in Paderborn, Germany. The aircraft will not be made airworthy and will be on static display.

    Bridger Aerospace CL-415 Video – February 25, 2021

    This professionally produced 7½ minute video highlights the training of Mesa, Arizona based Bridger Aerospace pilots in the Canadair CL-415 water bomber.

    HARS C-47/DC-3 Inflight Video – January 22, 2021

    The HARS Aviation Museum posted a very nice 10-minute video on YouTube documenting a flight of its C-47/DC-3 VH-EAF along the coast of Australia from Albion Park to Sydney and return. The flight was made on December 17, 2020 to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the DC-3's first flight. It’s a very well made video and well worth the ten minutes it will take to view it.

    1950s Airport Video Compendium - January 20, 2021

    This very interesting collection of airport videos from the 1950s has been around since January 2016 and is a must see for all Propliner enthusiasts. In addition to quite a bit of footage from Idlewild (JFK) there is footage from a number of other airports around the world included in this 20 minute video. Before starting the video, turn off the sound because the music is REALLY BAD!

    MIA 1976 - January 10, 2021

    Tom Mechlin forwarded some photos he took at MIA in June 1976. Lots of interesting Propliners called MIA home in 1976. Other than a handful of IFL Group CV580's that are based at MIA, the airport is totally devoid of any Propliners these days. Sigh.....

    February 1972 Cape May County Airport - November 9, 2020

    I first visited Cape May County Airport, New Jersey in January 1972 when I was stationed at nearby McGuire AFB and had a day off to do some exploring. At the time, the airport was the home to a number of derelict former US Overseas Airlines DC-4s and DC-7s along with a contingent of retired Allegheny M202s that had been acquired by Associated Products of America. During the 1950’s and 1960’s US Overseas Airlines was a large supplemental airline that was headquartered at Cape May County Airport. The airline operated a large fleet of DC-4/DC-6/DC-7 aircraft, many of which were abandoned at the airport when the airline ceased operations in 1964. All of the aircraft have since been scrapped.
    Associated Air Products was an aircraft dealer that acquired many retired Allegheny M202's and stored them at Cape May until they were scrapped sometime in the mid to late-1970’s. I visited the airport in the mid-1970s when all the Martins had been painted white and again the following year when they had all been scrapped. The only survivor was M202 N93204, which is currently on display less wings at the New Jersey's Aviation Hall of Fame Museum.

    January 2002 Cape May Caribous - November 8, 2020

    During the late 1980’s/early 1990s Newcastle Aviation acquired a large number of C-7A/DHC-4A Caribous from around the world with the plan on converting them to turbo-prop power. The aircraft were flown to the company’s facility at Cape May County Airport to await conversion and over the years 20+ aircraft have been stored at the airport. Other than N400NC c/n 240, I don’t believe that Newcastle converted any other aircraft. This aircraft was lost on August 27, 1992 in Gimli Airport, Canada with the loss of three crewmembers. In the mid-1990’s Penn Turbo acquired the Cape May aircraft and rights to the conversion STC. Since then, at least four aircraft have been converted…N302PT c/n 302, N303PT c/n 303, N238PT c/n 238 and N600NC c/n 237. I recently heard that Tony Porterfield/Rampart Aviation of Colorado Springs had acquired the Cape May aircraft and conversion STC from Penn Turbo but I have been unable to confirm this. The company owns N600NC. The following photos were taken at Cape May County Airport on a chilly January day in 2002. Since that time, the large former Associated Products of America hangar has become home to the Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum. For a detailed Caribou production list, check out this website

    DC-3 On The Move – October 31, 2020

    Jacob Naber photographed DC-3 N95460 a year ago being moved from the Brooks Fuel yard at Fairbanks International Airport on October 29, 2019. I believe, but haven't confirmed, that the aircraft was moved to the nearby Chena Marina Airport.

    Basler's Latest BT-67 – October 26, 2020

    Mike Wilson photographed BT-67 N844TH at St. Mary's County Airport in southern Maryland on the 19th of October. This aircraft is the latest conversion (#67) delivered by Basler Turbon Conversions. I photographed it in Basler's Oshosh production hangar on August 7, 2020 when it was about a week away from being flown to a paint shop in Canada. I hangared my Bonanza at the airport in the late 1990's and must say that aircraft operations have become much more interesting!

    Borinquen DC-4 – October 26, 2020

    Luis Rodriquez recently photographed DC-4 N74AF in Borinquen, Puerto Rico. This aircraft was involved in a ground collision with Super Constellation HI-542CT on February 3, 1992 at Rafael Hernández International Airport when its brakes failed. Both aircraft were abandoned and have been slowly decaying over the past 28 years. While the Super Connie has been spared the work of graffiti artists, the DC-4 hasn’t been as lucky.

    1995 Air North DC-3 Wreck – October 17, 2020

    Mike Golberg photographed the wreckage of Air North DC-3 C-GZOF as it was being transported through the streets of Vancouver after crashing on August 19, 1995. The aircraft had just come off lease to Wagisla Air and had taken off from Vancouver International Airport when the pilots experienced an overspeeding prop on the #2 engine. They declared an emergency and the aircraft was destroyed after striking an embankment while trying to land on the airport’s runway 30. For additional information about the accident, check out the Aviation Safety Network report. Thanks to Mike and Fred Barnes for sharing their photos.

    Aviation Warehouse – September 28, 2020

    For the past 25+ years, Graham Robson has been a regular visitor to the Aviation Warehouse in El Mirage, California. The company specializes in the rental and sale of aviation related props for movie and television projects and is a treasure trove of aviation artifacts. Graham has generously shared a sample of the many photos he has taken over the years and has written a very interesting article chronicling those visits.

    Air Spray - Red Deer, AB – August 20, 2020

    Pierre Gillard visited Airspray headquarters, maintenance base and storage area at Red Deer Regional Airport in May 2020. He was kind enough to allow me to share some of his photos on this website.

    Buffalo Airways - Yellowknife, NWT – August 20, 2020

    Pierre Gillard visited Buffalo Airways headquarters and operations base at Yellowknife Airport in March and May of 2020. He was kind enough to allow me to share some of his photos on this website.

    Buffalo Airways - Red Deer, AB – August 20, 2020

    Pierre Gillard visited Buffalo Airways maintenance base and storage area at Red Deer Regional Airport in May 2020. He was kind enough to allow me to share some of his photos on this website.

    Moroccan DC-7C Missle Strike – July 4, 2020

    T&G Aviation DC-7C N90804 was hit by a heat seeking missile fired by Polisario Front rebel soldiers on June 8, 1988, while on a locust spraying contract in Africa. After being hit by the missile, the #1 engine departed the aircraft resulting in the aircraft making an emergency landing at Sidi Ifni in Morocco. T&G DC-7C N284 was flying in a loose formation with N90804 and was also struck by a missile causing it to crash with the tragic loss of all five crewmembers. The soldiers apparently thought the two aircraft were Moroccan C-130s. Here are two photos of the damage sustained by the aircraft. It was repaired and flown back to Arizona and stored for a number of years before the nose section was chopped off and the remaining aircraft scrapped. The nose section is current stored at the CAF Museum at Mesa-Falcon Field. Report by Paul Horst Vd and photos by Tom Karst van der Meulen.

    Idlewild Airport in the 1950s – July 1, 2020

    The short 1 minute/42 second color video offers a fascinating view of Idlewild Airport (now JFK Intl Airport) back in the mid-1950s. There's got to be more footage but I've never seen it...hopefully one day additional footage will make its way to YouTube.

    Alaska Air Fuel DC-4 – July 1, 2020

    This five minute Crave Life video has some very nice footage of both the interior and exterior of Alaska Air Fuel DC-4 N96358. I don't quite understand what the title "Uncovering the 22 myths of the Douglas DC-4 fuel aircraft still flying Alaska" refers to but the video quality is good and is definitely worth five minutes of your time.

    May 2018 Visit to Gila River Memorial Airport – June 18, 2020

    Ken Swartz visited Gila River Memorial Airport on May 17, 2018 and photographed the eight aircraft that were left behind when International Air Response moved out in early 2006. The airfield, formally known as Chandler Memorial Airfeld, is owned by the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) which has a very strict no trespassing policy. Luckily Ken didn’t have any encounters with the tribal police during his visit, which can’t be said for more than a few aviation enthusiasts, including myself. While the GRIC is adept at catching folks meaning no harm to the aircraft, they are totally incapable of stopping the rampant vandalism that has been inflicted on the aircraft, including the torching of DC-4 N44908, Howard 500 N130P and most recently DC-7B N4889C.

    Flying Bulls DC-6B - Restoration of a Diva – April 25, 2020

    This professionally produced 14 minute video very nicely captures the rescue and amazing four-year restoration of Flying Bulls DC-6B OE-LDM. The 1958 era aircraft was the second to last DC-6/7 type aircraft produced and has an interesting history including being the presidential aircraft of Yugoslavia’s Marshall Tito and Zambia’s Kenneth Kaunda. It later operated as a VIP tour airplane in Africa before being acquired by Flying Bulls.

    May 2018 National Air Force Museum of Canada – April 18, 2020

    Photos from Ken Swartz's May 24, 2018 visit to the National Air Force Museum of Canada in Trenton, Ontario.

    2018 Arizona/California - Part 3 – April 17, 2020

    Final batch of photos taken by Ken Swartz in 2018 at various Arizona locations in 2018. Also included is a photo of C-46D 44-78019 at Palmdale Airport in California.

    Frankfurt Airport C-47 and C-54 – April 16, 2020

    Anthony DI PUMA forwarded the following email message and photos from Frankfurt, Germany. "Please find attached pics of C-47D 43-49081 and C-54E 44-9063, which are on static display at the end of Frankfurt Airport runway near the official spotting place. The aircraft are well maintained and weather was perfect in October 2019 when I visited. Also, thank you very much for your very interesting and accurate website I visit now at least once a week."

    2018 Arizona - Part 2 – April 16, 2020

    Additional photos taken by Ken Swartz in May 2018 at scrapyards adjacent to Davis Monthan AFB.

    2018 Arizona - Part 1 – April 15, 2020

    Photos taken by Ken Swartz at various Arizona locations in 2018.

    March 2018 Aviation Warehouse – April 12, 2020

    Ken Swartz toured the U.S. west coast and Arizona in 2018 and has generously agreed to share his photos from that trip. There are too many for one report so I’ll start with photos taken by Ken on March 3, 2018 at the Aviation Warehouse in El Mirage, California. The company has been in business for 35 years and specializes in the sale of aircraft mockups, cockpits, passenger cabins and other assorted aircraft parts for the motion picture industry. Although access is reportedly restricted to paying customers, Ken managed to get some interesting photos.

    July 2013 Brooks Fuel Fairbanks Yard – March 29, 2020

    Rolf Keller visited the Brooks Fuel yard in Fairbanks on July 1, 2013 and recently forwarded some photos of that visit. At that time, Brooks had been out of business for two years but had recently sold DC-4s N96358 and N3054V to Alaska Air Fuel. As luck would have it, Roger Brooks was outfitting the later aircraft with fuel tanks the day of Rolf’s visit and he was able to photograph the aircraft in the yard. The first eight photos are in Fairbanks with the last photo of N96358 taken on June 26, 2013 at Palmer Municipal Airport, where it was already in operation with Alaska Air Fuel.

    Why Buffalo Airways Doesn't Own Turbo DC-3's - February 15, 2020

    Operating in a part of the world where 100LL Avgas is scarce, many folks wonder why Buffalo Airways hasn't replaced their DC-3's with turbine verions. Mikey McBryan explains why in this YouTube video.

    Antarctic BT-67 (DC-3T) Rescue - December 31, 2019

    This YouTube video tells about the amazing 2013 rescue of Kenn Borek Air BT-67 C-GEAI "Lidia" from the Holtanna Glacier in Antarctica. The aircraft had been leased to ALCI Aviation and was conducting a tour operation when was involved in a takeoff incident on December 20, 2012 with 15 passengers onboard. Although there were only two minor injuries, the aircraft suffered substantial damage to both the forward fuselage and left wing. Facing considerable technical and weather related challenges, the team rose to the challenge and on Day 44 the aircraft was flown out headed for its home base of Calgary, Canada. Here’s a link to a summary of the accident on the Aviation Safety Network website.

    Vintage 1998 Firebombers - December 29, 2019

    In 1998 National Geographic Television produced a program about firebombers and the folks that flew them. The program was filmed at Fox Field in Lancaster, California and features lots of footage of P-3, Privateer, DC-4/6 and P-2 firebombers in action both on the ground and in the air. The program was 28 minutes long and is currently available on YouTube. None of the aircraft featured in the program are currently on contract with the USFS with the P-2's just recently being retired. Airstrike currently has "Call When Needed" contracts for their P-3 with California, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon but none with the Federal Government.

    Late 1960's Aerial Photo of Fox Field – December 24, 2019

    I’ve seen this iconic aerial photo posted many times on the internet. It’s the California Airmotive storage yard at Fox Field in Lancaster, California taken in the late 1960s and I thought it would be a great photo to include on this website. There are 30+ Constellations and almost as many DC-6/7 type aircraft in the photo. While a few aircraft escaped to fly again, most met their fate at this desert airport. When I visited the airport in 1977, there was not one remaining. Oh boy was I disappointed!

    Forgotten NP-3C – December 23, 2019

    Kevin Palmero recently posted photos on Facebook of the derelict remains of former Naval Research Lab NP-3C BuNo 153442/BH-357 at Reynolds Airpark in Green Cove Springs, Florida. It appears it's been picked clean on most useful spares and probably doesn't have too much more time before the scrapman pays of visit. I plan on driving to the airpark to get some photos before it's gone.

    Flabob DC-3 & C-47 – November 27, 2019

    John Olafson visited Flabob Airport on November 24th and forwarded some photos of DC-3 “Flabob Express” N103NA and C-47 “What’s Up Doc” N60154 in action. The C-47 participated in the “Daks Over Normandy” event in June.

    Florida Air Transport C-118B at Kalaeloa Airport in Hawaii – September 16, 2019

    Florida Air Transport C-118B N70BF is based at Kalaeloa Airport, Hawaii on a standby oil dispersant contract. Flightcrews were undergoing recurrent training in August 2019 and Carlos Gomez sent me some interesting photos of the aircraft. I particularly like the sunrise (or sunset) shot.

    Former Finnish Air Force F-27-100 on Display – June 13, 2019

    Antti Hyvärinen forwarded some photos of former Finnish Air Force Intelligence Fokker F-27-100 serial FF-1. Built in 1965, she was finally retired in 2015 and was rarely seen during her military service. She’s on display at the military area of Pirkkala Airport in Tampere, which is normally open to the general public just once a year. The two other former Finnish Air Force Fokkers are at Pori Airport and used for mechanic training. FF-2 is an F-27-100 while FF-3 an F-27-400M.

    Bangkok, Thailand 2018 – April 13, 2019

    As a first officer for Finnair, Antti Hyvärinen has the good fortune of being able to visit many cities around the world. In 2018 his schedule included Bangkok, Thailand, where he tracked down and photographed a number of Propliners. Many thanks to Antti for sharing his photos.

    BT-67 Photos at Easton Municipal Airport – April 12, 2019

    Curtis Brandt works at Easton Municipal Airport on the eastern shore of Maryland and recently captured some nice photos of BT-67 N141PR doing pilot training at the airport. For additional BT-67 photos and photos of the eastern shore of Maryland, check out Curt's website at and his Facebook page.

    2003 Coventry Classic Airshow – April 10, 2019

    The 2003 Coventry Classic Airshow was one of the last large gatherings of Propliners in the U.K. and was held on May 31st and June 1st. The weather cooperated and there were large crowds both days including the usual Propliner diedhards along with folks from the local area out for the day to enjoy an airshow. Neither group was disappointed as the airshow included quite a few Propliner and Warbird flight demos. I met a number of enthusiasts that I had been communicating with for years but had never met in person. The only down side of the airshow was the unfortunate crash of a “Spirit of St. Louis” replica shortly after takeoff after one of the wing braces failed. The aircraft spiraled to the ground within sight of the crowd resulting in the death of the pilot. It had arrived a few days prior to the airshow from Sweden after crossing the North Sea. If the strut had failed during this flight, it would have been another one of those missing aircraft mysteries. Sadly, time marches on and this event will never be repeated.

    Rand Airport, South Africa – April 8, 2019

    Tobias Ralle visited Rand Airport in South Africa in October 2018 and photographed the airport's amazing collection of Propliners. Rand Airport is a privately owned civil airport situated in Germiston, Johannesburg and is home to a number of charter operators, flight schools, aircraft maintenance companies and the South African Airways Museum. Propliners at Rand range from airworthy to near derelict and it's safe to say that Rand is only second to Fairbanks, Alaska in the number of Propliners that call the airport home. Many thanks to Tobias for sharing his photos.

    CV440 Fuel Stop at Meridian, Mississippi - April 4, 2019

    Freddie Poitevent photographed the Convair at Meridian Regional Airport (MEI), Mississippi on March 9, 2019. Freddie recently reported on Facebook that the Convair regularly stops at the airport for fuel. Thanks much to Freddie for sharing his photos.

    Mexican YS-11s and CV640s – March 4, 2019

    Paul Filmer and Sandy Tweedie traveled to Mexico in February 2018 in search of interesting and exotic aircraft. One of their photo stops was Satillo Airport where they photographed the airport's diverse population of active and stored aircraft. Paul forwarded photos of the YS-11 and CV640 aircraft they encountered and allowed me to include them on this website. Check out Paul's website at which includes an extensive collection of aircraft photos from his worldwide travels.

    Coventry Airport Propliners – March 2, 2019

    Michael Prophet visited Coventry Airport on July 15, 2018 and forwarded the following report and photos. "I saw your posting on the Coventry DC-6 and decided to spring into action and send you these pictures. Last year I visited the Flying Legends Airshow at Duxford and together with Graham Robson we decided to make a detour and visit the 'Night Fright' C-47 project at Coventry."
    "I was a super-hot summer’s day and we walked about the dusty ramps and hangars photographing the lingering DC-6s. We also visited the DC-3s sprayers, which were inside the hangar next to 'Night Fright'."
    "We walked around the hangar and it being Sunday there was nobody to talk to. Our 'Night Fright' guide told me that both C-47s would need some technical maintenance to get their new certificate for flight. Since then I have not heard or seen any pictures that both or one aircraft has possibly they are only for pilot training?"

    Everts Air Fuel C-46 – February 23, 2019

    Nigel Rayner was in the right place at the right time when he photographed Everts Air Fuel C-46R N7848B “Dumbo” on the ramp in Fairbanks. “Found your new web page on Facebook. I now have it book marked and get access to it…excellent site. In May/June 2016 I visited Alaska and Buffalo Airways in Yellowknife (my second visit to Yellowknife) with The Aviation Society, Manchester. We visited Everts at both Anchorage and Fairbanks. We had a full tour round at Fairbanks. The enclosed picture I took at Fairbanks on Friday 3rd June 2016. There was a heavy rain shower in the morning and the apron was just drying out in the afternoon. While walking across the apron to photograph this C46, I suddenly became aware of its reflection in this rather large puddle. As you can imagine, I am rather pleased with this photograph. I think it looks right.”

    Alaska - May/June 2018 – February 23, 2019

    Antti Hyvärinen visited Alaska in late-May/early-June 2018 and was kind enough to forward these photos from his trip. Alaska is just about the last haven for Propliners where they can be seen in operation every day at airports in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kenai, Wasilla, Palmer and Wolf Lake. My guess is that they will continue to operate until avgas is no longer available.

    1972 South Florida Airports – February 10, 2019

    In April 1972 I visited Fort Lauderdale for spring break. On April 2nd, which happened to be Easter Sunday, I ditched my friends and did a quick photo tour of Miami International (MIA), Fort Lauderdale International (FLL) and Opa-locka (OPF) Airports. Life got in the way and it would be over 30 years before I would return to south Florida and visit these airports. MIA and FLL were totally unrecognizable from my earlier visit with only OPF recognizable in 2004. Since then it has evolved into an executive airport with propliner operators slowly being squeezed out. While the quality of these black and white photos isn't the greatest, I hope you enjoy them.

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